• Great Leaders Needs 3 Things: System | Peer Group | Coach

    Jonathan B. Smith

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    The Full Package


    1. A SYSTEM

    Certified EOS® - Entrepreneurial Operating System - Implementer, I help leadership teams get what they want from their business.

    Please click HERE to view my EOS Website.



    Also a CLARK LEADERSHIP GROUP Peer Group Facilitator, I bring leaders of non-competitive businesses together to:

    • Connect with other leaders in a safe, confidential space

    • Grow themselves as leaders

    • Grow and strengthen their businesses

    • Process issues

    • Move past limitations and seize opportunities

    3. A COACH

    Since 2011 I've coached business owners and leaders to tangible results in:

    • Landing sought-after executive positions

    • Leadership and Management

    • Executive Presence

    • Strengthening professional and personal relationships

  • Why Work With Beth

    A Few Reasons Why You're Here

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    I cultivate trust and openness. I'm not afraid to get real. I help you bring issues forward, solve them at the root and make them go away forever.

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    I bring 15+ years facilitation, high EQ and Family background to help you move faster, farther and stronger.

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    Tiny, but powerful, I'm known for my contagious energy. and ability to motivate people to action and sustained results.

  • Beth Berman:

    Expert Facilitator and Coach

    If there is one thing that stands apart about Beth, it is her endless enthusiasm. Despite her tiny size, she commands the attention of even the toughest room with her command, insight and energy. This powerful presence has been honed over years of facilitation; for her own companies, for clients, and for peer groups.


    Raised in an entrepreneurial family, Beth remembers bouncing with shoeboxes in the back of her dad's station wagon and the smell of leather. Returning to her roots, Beth joined the leadership team of a midsized Recruiting company. She helped grow the firm, and then pivot to a Job Search Coaching business, successfully navigating a post-Financial Crisis market.


    In 2011, Beth launched her consultancy, Compellications™, to help entrepreneurial companies attract ideal customers and create strong, loyal teams. Her sweet spot is facilitating and coaching growth-oriented leaders. Her impact? Leaders do their best work and live their best lives.

  • Next Steps

    A 30-45 Minute Discovery Call

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    Owners, Leaders, Exec's:
    Are you feeling a bit stuck?
    Are you attracted to the idea of going deep?
    Are you a growth-hacking learner?

      This call will help you:

      - Get clear about what you want and need

      - Determine your best next step

      - Match you to the right group and/or coach

      - Get one step closer to becoming your best


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        Need a Speaker, Facilitator, Coach?

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