• EOS Model™

    Take CONTROL.Create VALUE.



    EOS - The Entrepreneurial Operating System® is a holistic business system that facilitates business growth.



    EOS Focuses on 3 Things:


    Vision - Get clear on where you want to go and get the entire team rallying around getting there


    Traction - Get everyone executing on your vision with discipline and accountability


    Healthy - Cultivate a cohesive, open honest teams that works together to solve issues for good

  • Beth Berman:

    Professional EOS® Implementer.

    Growth Hacker.

    Communications Guru.

    Expert Facilitator.

    If there is one thing that stands apart about Beth, it is her endless enthusiasm. Despite her tiny size, she commands the attention of even the toughest room with her command, insight and energy. This powerful presence has been honed over years of facilitation; for her own companies, for clients, and for peer groups.


    Raised in an entrepreneurial family, Beth remembers bouncing with shoeboxes in the back of her dad's station wagon and the smell of leather. Returning to her roots, Beth joined the leadership team of a midsized Recruiting company. She helped grow the firm, and then pivot to a Job Search Coaching business, successfully navigating a post-Financial Crisis market.


    Next, Beth launched her consultancy, Compellications™, to help entrepreneurial companies attract ideal customers and create strong, loyal teams. As Beth worked with her clients, a common theme emerged: the most successful companies ran their businesses on EOS (The Entrepreneurial Operating System)™.


    After seeing the the transformational impact EOS had on her own business and on the first few clients she first brought it to, Beth is on a mission to bring EOS to leaders who want better businesses and better lives.


    Beth helps entrepreneurial business owners get what they want from their businesses using a proven system called EOS to achieve "Vision," "Traction," and "Healthy." She loves helping growth-oriented teams get clear on where they are going, execute on that vision and actually have fun working together!

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  • Why Work With Beth

    A Few Reasons Why You're Here


    The Insight

    I cultivate trust and openness. I'm not afraid to get real. I help you bring issues forward, solve them at the root and make them go away forever.


    The Experience

    I bring 15+ years facilitation, high EQ and a unique EOS-Family background to help you move faster, farther and stronger.


    The Enthusiasm

    Tiny, but powerful, I'm known for my contagious energy. and ability to motivate people to action and sustained results.

  • Next Steps

    Get A Free 90 Minute Meeting For You and Your Team

    Invest 90 minutes and learn how to:

    • Get your team 100% on the same page driving toward a shared vision.
    • Get the most from all your people by getting them in the right seats.
    • Simply maintain an accurate pulse on your business, team and key activities at all times.
    • Identify and solve all issues to maintain traction.
    • Increase quality by creating consistency around everything you do.
    • Develop a disciplined, accountable team that executes well to achieve everything in your vision.​
    • The workshop is not a high-pressure sales pitch—it’s a teaching and learning experience for your team.

    By the end of the workshop you will:

    Leave With Clear Takeaway Value and...

    • Have a vision of what it looks and feels like to get everything you want from your business.
    • Understand a simple but powerful process to achieve it.
    • Know how badly you want it – you’ll be able to decide whether or not you’re ready to start your EOS journey.

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    "If you do nothing, nothing happens"

    You’re one call away from clarifying, simplifying and achieving your vision.

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