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  • Why Work With Beth

    A Few Reasons Why You're Here


    The Insight

    Because I give you the strategies, tactics and guided implementation you need to generate results.


    The Enthusiasm

    Because I am hardwired to help... and love helping you succeed


    The ROI

    Ask anyone I've worked with -- we do things that give 10x value. If it does not deliver, we do not do it.


    The Experience

    The experience is twofold - one, my experience in facilitating for 15+ years means I will run the room and keep everyone fully engaged. This makes for the second part - the experience you and your team will go through will have you running to tell your friends.


    The Reputation

    Chances are, I've helped someone you know make their business better!

  • Beth Berman: EOS Implementer™. Growth Hacker. Communications Guru. Expert Facilitator.

    If there is one thing that stands apart about Beth, it is her endless enthusiasm. Despite her diminutive size, she commands the attention of even the toughest room with her charm, command, and insight. This powerful presence has been honed over years of all kinds of facilitation; for her own companies, for clients, and for peer groups around the country.


    Beth left corporate America after almost 15 years to do what she was meant to do – bring people together and facilitate. First, as member of the leadership team of a Recruiting and Job Search Coaching business, she helped her company navigate the complexities of a post-Financial Crisis business landscape. Next, Beth launched her consultancy, Compellications™, to help entrepreneurial companies craft their internal and external messaging. As she worked with clients, a common theme among the most successful ones emerged: they all used EOS (The Entrepreneurial Operating System)™ to run their businesses. After running her own company on the system, Beth has devoted herself to her mission to help other leaders achieve the traction® and quality of life so many of the companies she worked with have achieved.


    Beth Berman helps entrepreneurial business owners get what they want from their businesses using a proven system called EOS to achieve "Vision," "Traction," and "Healthy."


    Beth helps team get clear on where they are going, execute on that vision, and be exponentially better than the competition -- all while having fun-- 100% of the time.

  • EOS Model™

    Take CONTROL.Create VALUE.


    The Entrepreneurial Operating System® is a holistic business system that facilitates business growth and scale up.

  • Next Steps

    Get A Free 90 Minute Meeting For You and Your Team

    Invest 90 minutes and learn how to:


    • Get your team 100% on the same page driving toward a shared vision.
    • Get the most from all your people by getting them in the right seats.
    • Simply maintain an accurate pulse on your business, team and key activities at all times.
    • Identify and solve all issues to maintain traction.
    • Increase quality by creating consistency around everything you do.
    • Develop a disciplined, accountable team that executes well to achieve everything in your vision.​
    • No Prior EOS Knowledge Required

    By the end of the workshop you will:

    Leave With Clear Takeaway Value and...

    • Have a vision of what it looks and feels like to get everything you want from your business.
    • Understand a simple but powerful process to achieve it.
    • Know how bad you want it – you’ll be able to decide whether or not you’re ready to start your EOS journey.

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    "If you do nothing, nothing happens"

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